Frequently Asked Questions

>> What is this site all about?

  • This site shall serve as a platform to make it easier for you to find blood for your patient.
  • This site is for matching and sharing blood.
  • This site is for people with blood needs and are willing to donate blood too.
  • This site promotes blood donation by enjoining the family/relatives/friends of a patient to donate blood, regardless of blood type!

>> Is there any fee for using this site?

No. The use of this site is completely free. We will be happy if there is a blood seeker that gets connected with a matching donor. This site is for saving lives!

>> I'm looking for blood for my patient. What should I do?

  • Click the Ask For Blood link in the navigation bar.
  • Fill-in the form.
    • If you don't like your private phone number to be shown to the general users:
      • You may want to use a temporary contact number.
      • Or, instead of contact number, you may want to use your email address.
      • Email address is not shown to the general users and only shared to the user you want to match.
    • Under "Remarks" portion, you may want to put more details of your patient's illness to convince potential blood donors.
  • Click Submit.
  • Find a match via Blood Listing, or wait until other people with matching blood need find you.

>> How do I match with other blood seekers?

  • Be sure you have posted your blood need in Ask For Blood
  • Browse through our Blood Listing link in the navigation bar.
  • If you find a match, take note of the contact number and communicate directly with them (via call or SMS).
  • If his/her contact option is email, click "Email Me!", and the other party will be notified to contact you.

>> What is the benefit of posting my blood need in

By posting it, you'll get help in your search for blood. Other blood seekers interested on your offered blood type will search for donors to match your need. It is a way to expand your search!

>> What are the pros and cons with using my phone number as contact option?

With using a phone number, your potential blood match gets to contact you directly (via call or SMS). This is the faster option. The disadvantage is that your contact number is visible to other blood seekers.

>> What are the pros and cons with using my email address as contact option?

Using an email address as contact option gets you more privacy. Your email address is not shown to other blood seekers. Your potential blood match will initially contact you via email system. You only get to share you email address after you accept on a blood seeker's request.

>> Why is it that I need to input verification code before I can see other's contact number?

It is to prevent your contact number from being readily available and searchable on the internet. You have to supply the image verification code to confirm you are not a robot.

>> How to get matched faster?

Offer as many blood types as you can. Be sure you have donors for the blood types you offered.

>> Why is my entry no longer seen in the Blood Listing?

The due date for your blood need may have elapsed.

>> I already have my blood need matched. How to remove my entry in the Blood Listing?

  • Using the contact number you registered, send SMS "BLOODMATCHING REMOVE" to 0977 812 32 06.
  • Or, using the email address you registed, send email with subject "BLOODMATCHING REMOVE" to support @

>> Can I edit my entry after submitting it?

No. For your security, we are not associating your entry with an account credential, thus you cannot go back and edit your entry. For new blood needs, you have to submit a new entry.

>> Why is it that I can be anonymous?

When you get blood from a blood bank (or hospital), you do not know the source of that blood. It is the blood bank that performs the vetting on the blood donor.

>> Why is this site not https?

The use of this site is free! There is cost in obtaining certificate for https support. For your security, this site does not require you to input critical user information. As a good consequence, the number of input fields decreased and it makes the site simpler.

>> If I register as donor, will others see my email address?

No. If there is a blood need, matched donors are notified by the system email. Your email address will only be shared to the particular blood seeker after you accept his/her blood request.

>> How to prevent scam from other people pretending to be your blood match?

To avoid being victimized by scam, only agree to meet your blood match in your hospital's blood bank in time for a simultaneous blood extraction. If your hospitals are not the same, one of you may need to bring a container for blood transport.

>> How to prevent scam from other people pretending to be blood donor?

To avoid being victimized by scam, only agree to meet your blood donor in your hospital's blood bank in time for blood extraction. Do not meet him/her at restaurants or cafe shops.

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